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25 August 2020 @ 04:24 am
If anyone friends me and would like me to friend them back just leave a comment here and I will add you back. Also, it will be good to get to know you guys. This post will always be the first one you see when you come to my journal.

Now Friending

If you want to see my graphics, I will be posting them at fromxashes. Thank you for coming by.
08 July 2014 @ 08:00 pm
Hi guys. How has everyone been? It's been a while. Is anyone still here?

I need to start posting here once again. Miss you all.
13 December 2013 @ 04:53 pm
Hey guys! How have you guys been? Is anyone still here?

It's been a while. I haven't posted here in a long time. I need to start posting here again. I really do miss the interaction here with everyone.
08 June 2013 @ 12:01 pm
I really do. :(
03 June 2013 @ 03:41 pm
Hey guys I am on twitter if anyone like to add me. I am active there.

01 June 2013 @ 09:29 am
I tried doing pen pal a while back but I sucked at it. I want to tried it once more. This time I will be dedicated. Do I have any takers? You guys have to love reading. :D Do a penpal box exchange kinda thing? What do you guys think?
03 May 2013 @ 01:56 pm
Hey guys sorry I have not been here at all. I am usually on tumblr these days. There is where I post most of my graphics ..

Is anyone still around here?
12 November 2012 @ 08:04 pm
Hey guys how have you guys been? I just wanted to say that I am still alive. Sort of. I have been lately on Tumblr. Come and check it out. I have been doing a lot of new graphics. It's simpler to post there. But yes. I am still alive. May post something here soon.
It has been a while since I have posted here. But this will now be my last real post here. I will be moving to melodyponds. I need something different. If I question something to much it's time for a change. Don't look back and move on. Hopefully my friends-list will grow there. But who truly knows. I just wanted to start all over. I really felt separated from my flist here and I really would like to make it up to you guys. If you guys would like to take this new journey with me come and join me. If not it's okay and big hugs to you guys. 

What has been going on in my life: (Don't worry not many spoilers)
  • Well I went to comic con this weekend. It was an eye opener experience. Even though this was my 5th year going, it really hit me this year. Seeing all the fans, all the art, and craft makes me think. I need to get my act together and start making some art already. 
  • I saw a few panel unlike last year. I saw the "Revolution" panel. Which was pretty awesome. I saw the pilot episode which was pretty awesome. I was expecting a little more but like it for what it was. They did say that some things may still change for when it airs. I got really intrigue though at what will come. It is the first episode so I can't wait to see what will come. 
  • "The Following" was another pilot episode I saw starting with Kevin Bacon. The show LOOKS AMAZING. Really. It's something interesting and disturbing. It reminds me of Criminal Minds and Dexter in a way. There something about the show it's amazing. The episode really sucked me in. THE GORE IN IT IS WOW and the IDEA behind it is just WOW. Really interested in it so watch it when it comes out. (On the side note. I saw Kevin Bacon sing with his band. The Bacon Brother band. He was awesome. I love it. 
  • While waiting for the "Revolution" panel I ended up seeing the "Person of Interest" panel. I have never seen the show. But seeing this panel made me want to catch an episode it really interest me. It's something different. So I will be catching an episode in the future hopefully. 
  • "DC Nation" was a panel that interest me. I AM SO SEEING THOSE SHOWS. I really got suck in. Those shows are amazing. But what really got me into wanting to see the shows was the FANS. The people that where siting around me where SO INTO IT and they where around my age. Some of them older I think. BUT WOW. Those fans amaze me. Now I really want to see cartoon network. Pure brilliant. We got a glimpse of new shows and heads ups about current shows. So I have some catching up to do. 
  • The day before the "DC Nation" panel I saw the "Avengers vs. X-Men" panel and once again I love the fans. They are so into it. This is what I love about comic con. The fans and them loving these amazing shows/comics/movies/ect. That is what makes me want to love these events. Now I really want to read some comic. Oh man I am going to go so broke after this event. But the story lines sound so awesome. A plus was that KEVIN SMITH moderated the panel. So that was a plus. 
  • The last panel that I saw was the "Buffy 20th year Reunion". I didn't really stay for all of it but I did see the beginning of it. It was really awesome seeing and hearing those amazing people. I love seeing a blast from the past. 
  • Other things I did was went to a signing for AMELIA ATWATER-RHODES. It was a dream come true meeting this woman. Her book was officially the first book that got me into reading. I started reading because of this woman. The fact that she wrote her first book when she was 13 is freaking amazing. She is one of my golden three. The may three people in my life that is a life time dream to meet is Joss Whedon, J.K. Rowling, and Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. And I have meet two of them. I know I won't meet J.K. but I will take what can take. But I did meet Joss Whedon so I could die happily. 
  • On the floor I saw and meet a lot of amazing people. I met Joe Maddalena from "Hollywood Treasure". It was so AMAZING. I love the show. The way they talk about films and the props is amazing. He makes me want to love "The Wizard of Oz". I also got to take a picture with him. It was the coolest thing ever. I also meet other people just walking at the floor from the Syfy network and other shows. People I saw and meet where, the lead from "Monster Man" Cleve Hall, Amber Benson, Sean Astin, (saw some people walking around from Supernatural, Chuck and Crowley), Syfy "Face off" Glenn Hetrick apart from that so many artist.
  • Things I did at comic-con apart from that. The total of hours I slept between Friday and Sunday 6 HOURS. Yes I said it right. Between those 3 days. I saw "The Amazing Spiderman" which I FREAKING LOVE. The character was so true to the true Peter Parker. I have to say that I love the cast for this film. I must say it's the best Spiderman movie to date. I 
  • I saw ALL THE BATMOBILES. They are amazing. From Adam West batman's car to Cristian Bale's. It was amazing. 
  • Comic-con in a whole was in Joss Whedon word phrase in his panel (sadly didn't go) a nerdgasm.  (yes I said it. hope I spelled it right)

I hope I didn't miss anything. But. Yes it was so amazing. 
Does anyone know where I could get Photoshop for Mac OS X Lion. I just bought a new MAC YAY... and crazy... my old Mac had an accident. Still works but only for files and other things. But I need my photoshop back in my computer...

I was going to buy it but it's almost 700 dollars for the program... That is insane... I remember when it was only 200 to 300.

So if anyone can help me out that would be very and truly awesome I will be your slave for everything that is graphics... I AM SERIOUS...
13 May 2012 @ 06:12 pm
This show looks interesting and amazing and I am scared that it's going to get cancel just like Terra Nova.

It's scary to get into shows now in days because you never know when they will get cancel. I haven't really been seeing much of anything lately for that reason. It's sad but true.

This show really interest me. I hope it does well and I can't wait to see it.

This was graved from

"J.J. Abrams is one of the few stars of television that can sell a series on his name alone. The Lost co-creator will produce Revolution, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi series which explores what could happen if the world’s technology suddenly stopped working. This lengthy promo hints at the scope of the new series, which will star Twilight‘s Billy Burke. The series will be written by Eric Kripke (creator of Supernatural), and directed by Jon Favreau (Iron Man)."

17 April 2012 @ 04:37 pm

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

Yes I am taking the 100 Things Challenge. Hope it helps me update my journal more.

I am going to be doing "100 Crossovers that would be awesome"
16 April 2012 @ 01:01 pm
1. OMG. I saw "Cabin in the Woods" It's officially in my top 3 movies of all times. Yes, I liked it. I am not going to say anything about it because I may ruin it for you. But it's freaking amazing. I loved it so much that I am going to go see it again tomorrow. Yes that is right I am going to go see it AGAIN. Love that this movie was created. It was worth the wait 4 year wait. Since I heard that Joss Whedon was working on this project. Now I wonder if there is a community out there for it. Now I want make craft on this movie. I LOVE IT. Go watch it NOW.

Also, saw "The Hunger Games" I loved it. A lot of people have said a lot of things that I agree with so all I will say is that it was exactly how the movie version should have gone. :D

2. I finally finish "The Perks of being a Wallflower". Yes I just finished it (don't judge me, I am really trying to get into my reading habit again. I am also selling some of my books. So will keep you posted about that in a entry). I haven't had time for much in my life with my crazy work schedule. I really liked it. I liked how different from other books that I read it was. The bad thing about it was that I kept thinking. OMG EMMA and LOGAN will be doing all that. LOL. I can't wait to see what they do with the film.

3. Work has been steady. Although today I did get out early. Although I have to go to work tomorrow while some other people got the day off. It's a good thing. I need to go to work. Don't like the end of the month because work gets slow towards it. But it's good to have a break from all the hours. Tomorrow I go in at 4:30 am. That I do not like.

4. Craft. I need to get back into the grove of doing crafts. I need to finish my Daryl.... I NEED TO.... AND I WILLL ... may work on him a little right now once I am finish cleaning my room.

5. My room. I need to start organizing it. But I really don't know how to organize it. I will may post pictures later on. I will need help getting it together. lol. So far it's weird and not put together. It's mostly all over the place with things. There is no theme.

That is about it. All that I have at the moment.

How is everyone doing? Anything interesting? Anything I should know? Anything I should be doing?
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Omg this is my adam/kris ... people meet pip/nathan from the voice. Nathan got eliminated. But they actually did TWO videos together ... on youtube. Pip is still in ...

I love these these two in The Voice. People vote for Pip ... lol

Here is the other song they did together in Pip's channel Check it out
30 March 2012 @ 03:53 pm
- I am making a DARYL PLUSHIE. I have the body down, but still need to work on the feet and the head. Tomorrow I am going to the store to look at some material for the clothes. I am exited. Hoping that I could find the right ones.

- Nothing else has really been going on. I settle that load problem. Finally. It's in payments. So everything is a clear go.

- Work has been steady. It's been up and down. I am okay we it. I have at least been working the 40 hours a week. So yay me.

- I saw The Hunger Games and I loved it. It was really amazing. Really close to the book which I loved.

- OMG ONCE UPON A TIME. This last episode was AMAZING. I LOVED IT. I LOVE THE HATTER. I am officially obsess with that character in the show. I am also obsess with that actor. There needs to be more of him out there.

- I need to start painting again. Will do it soon. Planning on doing it soon.

- What is everyone up to?
19 March 2012 @ 06:41 pm
Anyone interested in buying a Twilight autograph book by Stephenie Meyer?
10 March 2012 @ 12:07 pm

melcreates plushie contest. Here

If you Promote the community you get an extra entry YAY ... lol.

10 March 2012 @ 11:38 am
So I have been MIA lately. Sorry about that. been up to many things lately. Joining swaps, planing hang outs with friends, working, trying to settle personal issues, planning ideas for more contest, and trying to organize my self to do a decent plush.

Yeah lot's of things ahead for me.

With that said. I made some for crafts for exchanges. Will be posting them in my craft journal. OMG the awesome noxika as put in my mine a Daryl Dixon plushie. I can't stop thinking of it. She may do one. SHE IS SUCH AND AWESOME CRAFTER. Go check out her journal she has some awesome stuff there. I kind of want to do one. It's keeping me away at night. But may work on something else. I am going to add a bunch of characters that I really want to work on and see what comes up. That site is awesome.

Also, will be posting another contest up today. So keep an eye out for that.

I am in the process of thinking of selling some books I have here. I have OVER 100 books. Too many books. I need some extra cash for art supplies. I need to get my self back into the art track. Real important for me. Going to try and work on some art stuff.

I may do some art studies on characters from fandoms and try to do as many stuff of them. going to Going to put my self in a whole month of that character focussing on that character and see what I come up with.

Another news.... chosenfire28 is coming to visit next week. That would be awesome. Feel bad that I would be at work most of the time though. But will be here not so late. Must make the best of it. :D

So now to go check what character would be my focus on this month and to plan that contest.

Extra news I AM GOING TO COMIC-CON. I am going on Saturday and Sunday. YAY. I am so exited. May even dress up as a zombie on Saturday. Going with a few friends. :D
09 March 2012 @ 09:30 pm
Hey guys still here... Will update tomorrow. Been busy on my end.