January 26th, 2016

Dean (What the Frak?)

SPN RBB 2015 - Fan the Flames (As Your Blazes Burn)

Art Title: Apocalypse
Prompt Number: S2017
Artist: dhfreak

Fic Title: Fan the Flames (As Your Blazes Burn)
Author: elenajames
Pairing(s): Dean Winchester/Ruby 1.0, Sam Winchester/Ruby 1.0 (mention)
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 5,662
Warnings: Character Death, Violence, Blood Drinking, Blood Addiction (implied)
Summary: They were warned that the apocalypse would destroy the world. They just didn’t think it would be quite like this.

Artist Note: It's been a while since I have done graphics. Hope to get into graphic making once again. Was fun making this. This was made for spn_reversebang

Fic Master Post: Here

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