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Shows I am watching this Fall and Big Bangs

So I really want to work on a Big Bang. It's been a while since I have been involve in the online community and I think this would be a good idea to dive back into the world. sncross_bigbang is the one I am currently thinking of running right now. I open a poll to see if people where interested and it does look like people are. I am hoping to opening it up if possible next month. Another one that I would love to open up again but I would have to see if people are interested is harrypotterbang specially closer to the release of "Fantastic Beast and Where to find them". I am so excited for that movie. If you guys are interested of any of those big bangs let me know :D

Currently I am watching just a few shows. I don't really want to overwhelm my self with too many. There are a few that I watch every week and there is a few that I watch once in a while.

Show I watch every week:
The Flash
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
The Walking Dead
Criminal Minds

Shows I will be watching once it Airs:
Legends of Tomorrow

Shows that I watch once in a while:
Chicago PD

What shows are you guys currently watching?
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