Cedric/Hermione "together"

What's going on in bullet format

- I am making a DARYL PLUSHIE. I have the body down, but still need to work on the feet and the head. Tomorrow I am going to the store to look at some material for the clothes. I am exited. Hoping that I could find the right ones.

- Nothing else has really been going on. I settle that load problem. Finally. It's in payments. So everything is a clear go.

- Work has been steady. It's been up and down. I am okay we it. I have at least been working the 40 hours a week. So yay me.

- I saw The Hunger Games and I loved it. It was really amazing. Really close to the book which I loved.

- OMG ONCE UPON A TIME. This last episode was AMAZING. I LOVED IT. I LOVE THE HATTER. I am officially obsess with that character in the show. I am also obsess with that actor. There needs to be more of him out there.

- I need to start painting again. Will do it soon. Planning on doing it soon.

- What is everyone up to?
Topher (OMG)

OMG an update ... Plans lots of plans...

So I have been MIA lately. Sorry about that. been up to many things lately. Joining swaps, planing hang outs with friends, working, trying to settle personal issues, planning ideas for more contest, and trying to organize my self to do a decent plush.

Yeah lot's of things ahead for me.

With that said. I made some for crafts for exchanges. Will be posting them in my craft journal. OMG the awesome noxika as put in my mine a Daryl Dixon plushie. I can't stop thinking of it. She may do one. SHE IS SUCH AND AWESOME CRAFTER. Go check out her journal she has some awesome stuff there. I kind of want to do one. It's keeping me away at night. But may work on something else. I am going to add a bunch of characters that I really want to work on random.org and see what comes up. That site is awesome.

Also, will be posting another contest up today. So keep an eye out for that.

I am in the process of thinking of selling some books I have here. I have OVER 100 books. Too many books. I need some extra cash for art supplies. I need to get my self back into the art track. Real important for me. Going to try and work on some art stuff.

I may do some art studies on characters from fandoms and try to do as many stuff of them. going to random.org. Going to put my self in a whole month of that character focussing on that character and see what I come up with.

Another news.... chosenfire28 is coming to visit next week. That would be awesome. Feel bad that I would be at work most of the time though. But will be here not so late. Must make the best of it. :D

So now to go check what character would be my focus on this month and to plan that contest.

Extra news I AM GOING TO COMIC-CON. I am going on Saturday and Sunday. YAY. I am so exited. May even dress up as a zombie on Saturday. Going with a few friends. :D
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Project Updates

In the right side of my journal you will see bars with the percentages. Those percentages will show the projects I will be working on and book I will be reading during the week. They will go down once a project is completed.

Will be having a round up once a week. Plushie projects will be posted at melcreates

Current Projects:

Dean Winchester - Plushie
"Contest Winner 1"

90 / 100 project. 90% done!

Dean Winchester - Plushie
"Contest Winner 2"

0 / 100 project. 0% done!

Book Reading - Book of the week
"The Perks of Being a Wallflower"

26 /100 project. 26% done!

Doctor Who Craft Swap

0 / 100 project. 0% done!

Fanfiction Project

0 / 100 project. 0% done!
alex/michael 2

update on house

It's finally final. We are finally here and everything is in order with the house. Paper where sign and it's my mom's house know. Our first payment will be in March. I am happy that one thing is settle finally. :D

Thanks you guys for your comments during the process.